Brian Carroll’s Cutting Weight: The Ultimate Guide to Making Weight for Powerlifting and Other Weight Class Sports Review

TLDR: Drink more water before the weigh-in, then the day before drastically reduce water intake. After the weigh-in, go back to eating and drinking normally while using IV bags

It’s not difficult to see why a lifter would want to be able to go to the weigh-ins lighter so that he can lift at a lighter weight category. Mass moves mass, and to be able to preserve all your mass while simultaneously lift against lighter lifters is an advantage that should not be forsaken.

For that purpose, this concise and efficient guide is written for lifters cut up to 10% of their weight for the weigh-ins. He recommends that if a lifter is cutting for a 2-hour weigh-in, IV bag therapy becomes an immediate necessity. He believes that a lifter should only cut 2-4% body weight on a 2-hour weigh-in, as the lifter may not be able to put on back that weight within the time limit.

The rough recommendations are to stick to a low carb (20 grams or less per day) diet for 3 days before weigh-in, and drink 2 gallons of water for 3 days until before the weigh-in. He also suggests drinking magnesium citrate (for colon cleansing) 36 hours before weigh-in. On the day before the meet, water intake is limited to 1 litre for that day, with only protein as food. If needed, running in the sauna with a sauna suit can be used to finally shave the last bit of water off for the weigh-in. After the weigh-in, a full breakfast and salty snacks and carbs, together with IV bags, should be consumed.

If a lifter is early on schedule, there is no more point in cutting weight. The lifter should maintain by sipping some isotonic water and snacks. Avoid being miserable for no reason.

A 5% cut would usually warrant 2 IV bags, while 7-8% would require 3 bags. Any above would require 4 bags and a sodium lactate bag.

With a 24-hour cut, he recommends taking a nap for recovery, doing a light workout with bands to pump the muscles up and circulate the nutrients.


  • Short and effective program to cut water
  • Incisive guide relating to a lesser-known aspect to lifting


  • Need access to friends who can IV well


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