Christian Thibaudeau’s High Frequency Bodybuilding Program Review

TLDR: 12 week, 4 times a week, full body high frequency program for maximal muscle mass

This is a 12-week, 4 times a week, full-body program with a different emphasis on each workout. This program is split into 3 phases: Foundation, Development and Intensification.

For each phase, you would hit each of your body parts 4x a week, and Thib recommends some cardio, abs and calves outside of the workouts with a caveat that there is no demanding lifting work added to the program.

For the first phase, the days are split into Concentric focused, Eccentric focused, Isometric focused and Pre-fatigued. The goal of the first phase is to improve mind-muscle connection and balance out isometric and eccentric strength with concentric strength (no reasons given why). A Concentric focused day with almost seem like a normal full body workout with some farmer’s walks and prowler pushes at the end of it. The Isometric focused day will contain a lot of movements against an immovable object (like benching against pins or pull-ups with supramaximal weights). The Eccentric focused day requires slow eccentrics (5 seconds up to 9 seconds on week 4), and the pre-fatigued day will feature an isolation before a compound movement in a superset fashion.

For the second phase, the goal is to build a foundation of muscle mass and strength, split into a Max  + Pull session, 8RM + Push, 3RM + Legs and 5RM + Conditioning. In this phase, the main movements are squat, incline bench press and deadlift, to a Max or whatever the Rep Max is for that day. Subsequently, a pull/push/legs/conditioning session is done with the last set of failure after maxing all main movements.

For the third phase, the aim will be to maximize strength. This phase is 4 times a week, which is split into Max + Pulling, 6s + Pushing, 2s + Legs and Isolation. The workout starts with the big 3, either to a max, sets of 6 or sets of 2. The rest is set up seemingly as a reverse classical periodization; from 5 set of 4 on week 1 to 2 sets of 10 on the final week.


  • High-frequency training for all body parts
  • Strength and neuro-efficiency focused
  • Comprehensive guide with video execution
  • Likely strong af after the program


  • 1RM for 8 weeks straight
  • Beginners may find it hard to reach appropriate perceived intensity
  • Volume junkies may not enjoy the lower volume high-frequency approach
  • Expensive af



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