David Laid’s DUP Program Review

TLDR: Strength and hypertrophy training should not be separated

Many lifters believe that strength and hypertrophy are mutually exclusive. However, strength and hypertrophy are related and in most cases dependent on each other. By using Daily Undulating Periodization, a lifter will be able to circumvent the problem of getting used to general volume, set and rep ranges, and its weakening effects on muscle growth.

DUP varies the volume, set and rep ranges, thus enhancing CNS conditioning through repeated exposure to the same movement patterns, while at the same time benefitting from muscular adaptation.

The program featured in this product is 9 weeks, 6 sessions a week. Of these 6 sessions, 2 will be legs, 2 for push and 2 for pull. The sessions start with squats for legs, bench press or overhead press for push, deadlift for pull. Each workout will start with finding a 5RM, a 3RM or a 1RM, which is rotated throughout the 9 weeks.

After finding a rep max, the lifter will then do some back off sets with the same exercise, which is either 4×4, 4×8, or 4×12 (4×2, 4×6, or 4×10 for deadlift) which will also be rotated throughout the weeks. After all that, the lifter will then have the liberty of doing bodybuilding work of 3 sets of 8 to 10 at RPE 8 to 9.

An excel spreadsheet is provided with the working weights calculated from an input cell for ease of use.


  • High-frequency training that will benefit muscle building goals
  • Frequent exposure to heavy weights


  • Deadlift twice a week and up to a 1RM on the first week (r u serious?)


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