Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual Review

TLDR: Strength times Quickness equals to Explosion

Jacob Hiller believes that an explosive jump requires these factors: strength, quickness, neurological conditioning, fuel, stability, form, flexibility, body composition, and genes. Of course, not all these factors can be changed; you can’t change parents and you only have so much body fat to drop. In this manual, he focuses on developing a good base strength and quickness that will lead to an explosive jump.

Centrally, this program revolves around the idea that motor units are best recruited at around 85% of a 1RM, and each rep is done with maximum intent and aggression, stopping the set when slowing down. For this program, he has written 2 full lower-body training days and 2 core and upper training days. He primarily is focused on programming for the lower body and states that the lifter can use another upper body program the lifter deems fit.

There are 2 genres of exercises in the program: strength and explosion, and quickness. For strength and explosion exercises, the first 1 to 3 sets is done with a controlled eccentric and an explosive concentric, emulating a jump. The 4th set is done with strict form and the 5th set is done to go to muscular failure. In between sets, it is recommended to do no more than 2 reps of 6-12-inch depth jumps. For quickness exercises, it is done with maximum intent, striving to reach for and exceed a pre-determined target like a basketball rim or a mark on the wall. Should fatigue set in, it is suggested to stop and wait till the next set.

The 12-week program generally alternates between a plyometric heavy day and a strength heavy day. With the upper body session done the day and stretching days to promote joint and muscular flexibility.


  • Strength and plyometric days are focused sessions with little crossover
  • A well-rounded approach to maximizing jump power with many plyometric drills done with intent


  • No phasic structure
  • Trying to focus on 2 goals, building strength and explosive strength


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