Jerred Moon’s One Man One Barbell Review

TLDR: Jerred Moon’s One Man One Barbell: Gaining strength is simple, do his variation of maximal and dynamic effort work to get strong

For the home gym-owner that has only 1 barbell, Jerred Moon has never found a program that suits his needs. In One Man One Barbell, the focus is to provide information for getting as strong and as conditioned as possible.


The basic operation of One Man One Barbell is one that lies on 3 principles: maximal, submaximal and dynamic effort methods. A training block is 4 weeks long, including 1 week of deload. Each session starts off with a maximal effort on the selected exercise (squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, snatch, or clean and jerk). Lifter works up to a 3RM/2RM/1RM of a true max (for the Olympic lifts) or a training max (for the big 3 + overhead press).

After that, time-based dynamic effort work is done; the lifter does reps every minute on the minute with a specified percentage, up to 15 minutes. There are also different variations on how to set this program up to hit different goals. For increased strength and power, rest time reduction is done on the EMOM, such that 1 minute can decrease to 30 seconds progressively. For overall strength, the lifter can do an AMRAP at the top set of the max effort phase.

In total, there can be about 13 different cycles to try, which roughly equates to a year worth of progress.

  • Consistent progression for all lifts
  • Long term view on strength training (a training year!)
  • Decent volume
  • No focus on hypertrophy/accessory work
  • May not be enough frequency


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