Mash Elite Program Sampler 2 Review

TLDR: 8 programs for most strength and conditioning goals

For this Program Sampler, 8 programs are listed for various goals: 2 olympic weightlifting focused programs, 1 hard-gainer powerlifting program, 2 super total programs, 2 athletic performance programs and 1 Gridfit program.

For the first of the weightlifting programs, which was written for Muscle Driver USA, it features 9 sessions spread over 6 days, with 3 twice-a-day workouts. Intensity and volume steadily rises over the weeks until week 8, where there is a decrease in intensity, and week 9 where there is a drop in volume, to accommodate for a competition session on week 10.

The second program is what Mash himself usually writes for his lifters; first 4-week block will have a lot of work on weaknesses, lots of squats and high-volume work and AMRAPs, second 4-week block focused on strength, with slightly lower volume but higher intensity, and the third block will focus purely on peaking, with 3 attempts on the classical lifts are taken every week. For the first 2 blocks, a max attempt on a variation of the classical lifts, or a complex version of them are taken every week. The program is 6 days a week.

The hard-gainer powerlifting program is set up in the same style as the previous program, 3 4-week blocks with 6 sessions a week, except with higher volume on the big 3, and at high frequency (a lifter would squat about 5 times a week). This program peaks to a 12th week competition.

For the first of the super total programs, which is a program built with Chinese influence, and features workouts that focus entirely on classical weightlifting lifts, but also built with undulating and conjugate periodization in mind. The setup of the program like the previous program, with a 12th week competition peak in mind.

The second of the super total is more focused on pure strength development and conditioning, with much lower volume in the 5 lifts and a metcon at the end of every workout for 12 weeks, 5 days a week with an optional extra day of training.

For Mash Mafia athletic performance, it focuses on getting footballers as big and as explosive as possible, without the need to learn how to snatch. The program also features Post Activation Potentiation; a heavy 3-rep set is done prior to each 10-rep set to prime the nervous system with a heavier weight. The other athletic performance program is a 4-day a week speed and agility supplement.

The Gridfit proram is also similar to the second super total program, but undulating periodization is done on the strength movements and some weakness training is added.


  • Lots of different programs for different goals
  • Phasic structure to training
  • Long-term progression


  • Tries to put RPE scale with weightlifting movements
  • Too frequent for busy lifters


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