Mash Program Sampler 3: Guest Coach Edition Review

TLDR: 6 strength and conditioning programs by 6 strength experts.

This program sampler contains 6 programs by 6 different authors that covers most strength and conditioning goals.

The programs are:

  • 4-week Athletic Performance by Joe Kenn
  • 6-week Powerlifting by Greg Nuckols
  • 12-week Athletic Performance by Zach Even-Esh
  • 14-week Olympic Weightlifting by Sean Waxman
  • 6-week Powerbuilding by Dr Layne Norton
  • 12-week Athletic Performance by Dr Andy Galpin

All the coaches are heavy hitters in their respective fields, and their programs are based on their philosophy of training. I personally feel that of all the programs, Joe Kenn’s seemed the most lackluster as it is just a short 4-week block, with 3 workouts a week. It is supposed to be a Developmental Block 3 (don’t know what that means) and the first of its cycle, but the program does not continue past this block, making it seem very out-of-place and frankly lazy.

Other than that, the rest of the programs really do follow through with what seems to be an Accumulation, Intensification and Realization phase for a strength test (1RM) at the end of the cycle.


  • Lots of choices from great minds of the strength and conditioning industry
  • Most programs follow sound principles
  • Donations to Mash’s team


  • Joe Kenn wtf?
  • Greg Nuckols’ program would have been better if a spreadsheet was provided, as the program computes the workout numbers based on an input, which a PDF cannot support