Meghan Callaway’s Ultimate Pull Up Program Review

TLDR: If you can’t do a pull-up, you aren’t training it right

Many people, especially females, lack the ability to execute a single pull-up. However, according to Meghan Callaway, the lack of progress is more likely due to not training the exercise in the right manner. This guide is meant for people who are not able to do a single pull-up.

The program laid out is split into 4 phases, each lasting anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. There are 3 workouts a week with a choice of an extra optional workout. Each workout is generally full body, with an exercise for each body part and a version of a pull-up regression, like hangs and concentric hangs. Most exercises are done in a superset fashion, either one for the upper and one for the lower body or agonist-antagonist pairings.

After each phase, the regressions become harder, from simple dead hangs to pull up eccentrics, until the final phase where normal pull-ups are done. For lifters who are already able to do pull-ups, Meghan lists out 11 much harder pull up variations, like L-sit pull-ups, that can be done as a form of challenge.


  • Long-term approach to pullup progression
  • Regressions for people of varying levels of strength


  • Nothing much

Neutral Thoughts:

  • For the intent of getting a pull-up, this program is adequate.


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