Paul Carter’s Super Soldier Protocol Review

TLDR: Comprehensive 8-week program with 4 weeks of strength phase (classical periodization) and 4 weeks of hypertrophy phase (AVT method) and


The first 4 weeks, which is a strength phase, features classic periodization template on main lifts and about 20-30 reps on all accessory work.

conditioning work (walks and HIIT), but may seem like an advert for Biotest at the Supplementation recommendations chapter.

Super Soldier is an 8-week program with a strength phase followed by a hypertrophy phase with an emphasis on recovery (it’s the first chapter) and options for conditioning.


The subsequent 4 weeks, the hypertrophy phase, is done using AVT method, which he calls Accumulative Volume Training. One of the ways it is implemented is like so: do 1 set of 6 reps (this is called 1st hop), throw on another 25-pound plate and do 6 reps without rest other than the time taken to load the bar (2nd hop), throw on another 25-pound plate and do 6 reps (3rd hop), repeat until failure at 6 reps or less and then take a 3-minute break. This is considered one round, and doing 2 rounds of this implementation is recommended for compound lifts.

He also recommends doing conditioning throughout this 8 weeks in his philosophy of being strong and being in shape, and suggests walking as a foundation for the first 4 weeks of the program.

Also included are supplementation and diet recommendations for people going through with this program.


  • Comprehensive guide that covers all aspects
  • Quick but effective workout for people who don’t want to live in the gym
  • Well cited references


  • Supplement recommendations seem to look like an advertisement for Biotest
  • Can seem a bit bro-sciencey/ low volume for volume junkies



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