The Critical Bench Program 2.0 Review

TLDR: 10-week, 5 times a week, program with a heavy focus on Bench Press

Mike Westerdal from Critical Bench released a 10-week, 5 times a week, bench specialization program for lifters who want to increase their Bench Press, apparently up to 50lbs.

At the start, the ebook breaks down the Bench Press, starting with the body’s position on the bench, grip width and wrist alignment, the arch, feet placement, shoulder retraction, elbow position, lat action and breathing, a very detailed guide on the bench press even before performing a rep!

This ebook also packs diet and supplementation tips, mindset and goal setting, warm-ups and tips and tricks for the program.

The focus of the workout is on the bench press, so the rest of the lifts will take a back burner, just 3 sets of 8 to 10 for maintenance. As for the Bench Press, it follows a pyramid scheme where weights get progressively heavier per set and with decreasing reps per set. There is additional pressing work like Close Grip Bench Press and weighted dips to increase the volume of pressing.


  • Because of 5 times a week training, every muscle could get sufficient volume as stimulus
  • Program is very focused on a single goal, as rapid progress on the Bench Press as possible


  • May not be sufficient frequency to drill in technique
  • 5 times a week may not suit many casual lifters
  • Program is structured by body parts, may not be sufficient frequency for most people



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