The DUP Method by Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell Review

TLDR: Training the strength movements with different rep ranges for maximum progress

DUP is Daily Undulating Periodization, where the way you train (sets, reps, and load) fluctuates on a session to session basis. Each workout contains a Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift, where each exercise will have an emphasis either on power, strength or hypertrophy for that day. The optimal set up for this program is 5 days a week for 3 weeks, but there are alternatives for the busy.

A strength emphasis day for squat could be 80% for 4 sets of 4, each week increasing 10lbs. A Power emphasis day for deadlifts is 80% for 5 sets of 3, with no increases in weight. A Hypertrophy emphasis day for bench could be 4 sets of 8 at 70%, with 5lb increases per week.

Progressions for the program can be increasing the training max, adding volume or the good ol’ deload and test your new max, and plug in as training max.

The program also caters to the bodybuilding crowd with a Hypertrophy specific setup, with more frequent hypertrophy sessions for the big 3. There are also multiple substitutions for the big 3, like sumo deadlifts instead of regular deadlifts, board press instead of bench press. There are also recommendations as to when to deload and how to, with a sample deload week to follow.

Overall, this is a solid program with months and months of progression stuffed into an ebook, and versatile enough to fit into everyone’s schedule.


  • Repeatable workout with clear progression
  • Consistency in the main compound movements


  • The lower frequency option may run too long per training session
  • May cause overuse injuries with bad technique



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