Pat Davidson’s Mass Review

TLDR: Pat Davidson’s Mass: To build mass, one should work very hard on compound movements

To build mass, one must work very hard, almost destroying himself to force growth. Pat Davidson, in writing Mass, believes in pure hard work with compound movements. By inducing more and more stress than the body can cope, it will adapt and grow. Expect the lifter on this program to tether on the edge of overtraining, where weekly progression is not possible.

This program is 16 weeks, split into 4 blocks of 4 weeks. The first 2 phases are set up similarly: circuit training of 10 exercises, for 3 rounds. Phase 1 is 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest before the next exercise. The aim for each exercise is to hit around 15 reps within 30 seconds for the first set. For Phase 2, it is 20/40 with a weight that is around 10RM, for 6 rounds.

As for Phase 3, each workout begins with a lower body lift, and then an upper body lift. A wave loading percentage based format is written for the movements, for a total of 9 sets. After which, it is followed by a 30/30 circuit with 5 exercises for 2 rounds. Finally, in the final phase, both the main upper body lifts are done in a superset. The weight used in the main lifts increases each week, while the reps expected lowers.

There is also a nutrition chapter at the back, with general guidelines 4 the 4 fundamentals. They are sleep, stress management, nutrition and exercise (which is the workout listed). Meal plans are also provided, which is a great starting point to work with.

  • High volume, high frequency aka hard as fuck
  • Very voluminous reading that can be hard to read if a person likes to get to the point
  • No planned deloads
  • Not a fan of hitting sets of 15 reps on deadlift tbh


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