The Naked Warrior: Pavel Tsatsouline Review

TLDR: Train the calisthenics movement with purpose and with high frequency

This is it for the calisthenics crowd, Pavel lists out techniques to maximize the pistol squat and the one arm push-up, High Tension Technique to keep tight, and Greasing the Groove (GTG).

The High Tension Technique works by the law of Irradiation. Using clenching the fist as an example, activating other muscles other than your forearms (like contracting the biceps or clenching the other hand) will cause an increase in the strength of the grip. Along the same thread, tightening your muscles like lats and shoulder will cause a surge in strength when attempting a one-arm push-up.

Greasing the Groove is the belief that strength is a skill that must be practiced frequently, flawlessly, while focused and fresh. Practice must be perfect, and fatigue is the enemy of perfection. Pavel advocates never doing a set to failure, but instead limits all sets to 5 reps or less and stopping before the skill begins deteriorating. Pavel also believes in training frequently, 6 times a week and taking only 1 day off. However, he also opines that doing the same thing repeatedly will lead to plateau; it is best to fluctuate the sets and reps in this protocol daily to avoid burnout.


  • Simple to implement
  • No equipment
  • Strength work


  • May not be the best thing for hypertrophy


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